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Jason Richards is one of those rare talents with a wonderful imagination and head for game design. 

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What is Breachworld?

A post-apocalyptic, open-world, kitchen-sink, sandbox RPG, powered by Mini Six.

I’ve been developing Breachworld for as long as I can remember, and I’m excited to finally bring it out into the light. I wanted to create a tabletop game that was expansive with possibilities to tell amazing stories, and began collecting elements of what that might look like. I ended up with a time-honored gaming setting: post-apocalyptic Earth. For great stories, I believe that you need interesting characters of great variety, so I utilized Perks, Complications, amazing powers, and alien races of all shapes and sizes. To maximize gaming fun, I think you need to maximize options, so there’s very little that your characters can’t do in Breachworld. The setting allows for anything and everything to be included.

Gate CenterGates and Breaches

The Earth is an untamed wilderness, unrecognizable from centuries ago when humanity enjoyed a Golden Age of peace, abundance, science, and art. This era of enlightenment was brought about by the discovery of new global teleportation technology known as Gates. The end of human society was similarly brought on decades later by the sudden and catastrophic malfunction of this technology, when control of it was lost and the Gates opened random doorways through space-time. These permanent, uncontrolled rips in the fabric of the universe are known as Breaches. Through them pour alien beings, creatures, vegetation, plagues, and environments. The Earth was transformed in an instant, and human civilization collapsed in an event now known as The Fall. Very little verifiable information exists from the centuries that span from The Fall until only a few generations ago.

The Breaches are still open and active, but humans normally avoid them, preferring to steer clear of the dangers they present. For alien beings or creatures that pass through, it’s a one-way ticket; Breaches seem to all lead into our world, but not back out again. Anything that crosses into our world is permanently made a part of it, to live or die on our dimensional shores.

From Beyond


The Earth is now populated by roughly as many aliens as humans, and for every friendly otherworldly sentient, two are hostile. Feelings about aliens vary from one group of humans to another and the same can be said for aliens’ feelings toward mankind. Some groups actively hunt one another and some work in peaceful coexistence. Some humans enslave alien races while others are subjugated by them. Some aliens are invaders or travelers while some were displaced to Earth by forces they could not control.

Monsters lurk in the mountains, forests, plains, seas, and skies. Otherworldly beasts often defy description, while some resemble creatures of Earth’s history or legends. Some species have proven able to be broken to wear a saddle or yoke and others seem to have a cunning intelligence that belies their animal form. They are part of a transformed ecosystem, often bringing their habitats with them as vegetation has slowly grown through open Breaches and rests with roots in two worlds.

Marcus_Armor 002Civilization Remade

Some semblance of civilization has begun to crawl out of a Lost Age. Pockets of humanity exist either in isolated villages or fortified cities. Others survive by moving from place to place, scavenging or hunting or trading. The easiest way to survive is often through bushwhacking and banditry, taking by force what precious resources are to be had. There are rumors of huge metropolises, even whole nations that have survived The Fall, but it is difficult to find someone who claims to have seen these wonders firsthand.

A resurgence of technology has fueled humankind’s reestablishment. Fossil fuels are almost nonexistent, but there exist some scattered ancient power plants that are still operable. Some automated factories are still functional as well, particularly those with their own fusion reactors. Discovered caches of Golden Age wonders can make one’s fortune overnight. A handful of weapons and plenty of ammunition can make a simple man into a king. Even after a Lost Age, mankind has proven to be resilient and innovative as it rediscovers secrets once thought lost to the past.

Many Paths

Through generations of careful study and painstaking progress, one great discovery trumps all others. The Cooperative, a secretive group of researchers and scholars, has developed a device capable of permanently closing a Breach. For the first time in an age, there is more for mankind to hope for than simple survival. Now, there is a light on humanity’s horizon. The Breach Closure Device has made it possible to reclaim Earth’s dimensional borders, one sealed Breach at a time. All that is left is to use it.

Meanwhile, a network of humans dedicated to reclaiming the planet has grown strong. The Resistance wields significant political power in many communities, while it works from the shadows in others, all with the goal of repelling the alien invasion that nearly destroyed the planet. They fight with words and ideas, as well as with weapons.

What Awaits

Awaiting you are fortune and famine. High adventure and otherworldly horror. Epic heroics and the darkest depths of villainy. This is the world as it exists at this instant, wide open and filled with possibilities. What happens next, is up to you.

What’s inside the Breachworld RPG?

The Breachworld RPG is packed full of gaming goodness.


Player Races


 Aether Feats


 Perks & Complications


 Breach Creatures


Places of Interest


 Color Illustrations


 Scale Maps



Create Your Character

Be a native human surviving in an unforgiving world, an explorer from an advanced alien planet, or anything else you can imagine. Variety is the spice of Breachworld.

Found in the Breachworld RPG

The Breachworld RPG is packed full of everything you need to make exciting, unique characters as either a player or a Game Master. Anything goes in this kitchen-sink game, so it is designed to incorporate a huge range of playing styles and gamer preferences.

Player Races

Play as a native Earth human, or choose from twelve other unique and interesting player races.


Gain special advantages and situational bonuses for your character by purchasing Perks.

Advanced Classes

Bend reality as an Epic, the first of the Advanced Class options for Breachworld.


Get rewarded for taking on extra role-playing challenges with character Complications.


Train in dozens of available Skills, or generate your own. Further your expertise with Specializations.

Special Abilities

Many Player Races have unique skills, abilities, or other extras that are available during character creation.


Equip your character with primitive means or the most powerful weapons and equipment in the world.

And More

Breachworld offers all the tools you need to modify what’s there or create something new. Never run out of options.


A world as expansive as Breachworld can never be completely filled up, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to try with additional supplements. Over a dozen are already available across a number of categories.

MORE Player Races

The Minotaur, the Hollow Mage, and expanded stats and backgrounds on the core Player Races are already available. May more are still to come.

MORE Breach Creatures

Additional monsters and animals for use in your campaign are ready to go. These feature varied stats ideal for customizing and reskinning for your game, as well as new game material such as characters, perks, gear, and adventure hooks.

MORE Sample Characters

These characters, ranging from the Machine Man assassin, 402, to the Dru explorer, Stella, are ready to add to your campaign as a player character or NPC. They come with stats for four different experience levels so you always have the right power level for your game, with detailed backgrounds and adventure hooks.

Incredible Support

More and more character options will be made available as Breachworld expands, including additional Perks, Complications, Feats, Advanced Classes, and Player Races.

Game Mechanics

Mini Six, by Antipaladin Games, is an imprint of OpenD6.

Breachworld runs on Mini Six by Antipaladin Games, a variation on the OpenD6 ruleset made available to publishers by Open Game License (OGL). The rules incorporate familiar D6 mechanics that we all remember from various West End Games products, but a bit streamlined. Roll against situational difficulties set by the Game Master and root for that exploding “wild die” to come up a 6 time and time again! With one core mechanic, play is fast and intuitive, and easy to learn.


Purchase the Breachworld RPG

The anything goes, post-apocalyptic, kitchen sink, sandbox RPG experience you've been waiting for!

Breachworld RPG and Player's Guide covers

Breachworld RPG and Player’s Guide

The Breachworld RPG is available in a variety of formats to best fit your needs, all available at DriveThruRPG.

  • PDF – The complete book is available in bookmarked PDF format.
  • Paperback and Hardcover – The Breachworld RPG is available in two print versions.
  • Collector’s Edition – This special, hand-numbered and limited hardcover version of the Breachworld RPG was offered exclusively to Kickstarter backers and is no longer in print.

Also available at DriveThruRPG is the Breachworld Player’s Guide. This volume contains much of the same information as the complete RPG, but lacks some of the world information that Game Masters may wish to keep confidential. It includes an additional appendix with an example of character building.

  • PDF – The complete book is available in bookmarked PDF format.
  • Paperback and Hardcover – The Breachworld Player’s Guide is available in two print versions.

In addition to the core volumes, don’t miss the many digital supplements available for the Breachworld RPG. These represent hundreds of pages of additional and expanded material for use at your table, for both players and Game Masters. All are available as “pay what you want” titles, so pick them up for whatever you think is worth the investment. Available at DriveThruRPG.

Breachworld Dice

For the collector and dedicated fan, a limited run of custom Breachworld dice were included in the original Kickstarter. These dice are currently sold out. Inquire at jasonrichards.net@gmail.com for information about future production runs.

  • Single Breachworld die – $1 – A single die, marked with the Breachworld logo on the “6,” in either red or blue. Use this special die as your “wild die” in your game.
  • Set of Breachworld dice – $5 – A set of six dice; standard is five blue and one red “wild die,” but may be presented in any combination. All are marked with the Breachworld logo on the “6.”
  • Group set of Breachworld dice – $18 – Outfit your entire group with custom Breachworld dice. Four sets of six dice; standard for each set is five blue and one red “wild die,” but may be presented in any combination. All are marked with the Breachworld logo on the “6.”

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